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State Laws

Since the 1980s, states have been enacting laws related to the abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of their elderly residents. The vast majority of elder abuse legislation in America is state legislation (find more information about federal laws related to elder abuse). State laws related to elder abuse may be found in a number of state legal codes, including, but not limited to states’ criminal, welfare & institutions, probate, and business and profession codes.

The American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging provides reports, trainings, and law charts and updates in their Elder Abuse section. Click the link for a full list of topics related to elder abuse.

The Elder Consumer Protection Program at Stetson University College of Law’s Center for Excellence in Elder Law provides state-by-state updated materials on:

National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC) Library includes Federal and State laws and regulations for nursing homes and AoA programs related to Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

Nursing Home Regulations Plus (NH Regs Plus) serves as a one-stop location to examine and compare the content of state regulations related to nursing homes. It contains federal nursing home regulations and nursing home regulations for all states and the District of Columbia. NH Regs Plus also contains comparative analyses of more than 70 topics in nursing home regulation in narrative and tabular form.

Visit NCEA State Resources for additional information by state.