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Reframing Elder Abuse


The Reframing Elder Abuse Project is a communications strategy and toolkit that reimagines our cultural dialogue on elder abuse developed by the NCEA in partnership with the FrameWorks Institute. This new communication approach helps to avoid unproductive messaging and effectively engage audiences on the issue of elder abuse. The Talking Elder Abuse Toolkit provides resources and tips to improve the public’s awareness of elder abuse, enhance understanding of the underpinning issues, and elevate public exchange on the topic.

The NCEA’s mission, as the lead elder abuse resource center in the nation, is to spread awareness of and implement the Reframing Elder Abuse communication strategy across the nation. If we all adopt this communication style into our day-to-day advocacy, we can continue to gain momentum in building public understanding and support to address elder abuse.  

The Reframing Elder Abuse Project is currently funded by the Administration on Community Living (ACL).

See the communication strategy in action in our reframed public service announcement!

Reframing Elder Abuse on Social Media
The Reframing Elder Abuse team is sharing these tools to help you start reframing your outreach on social media!

Sample Posts:
  • Just as one beam alone can’t support a building, individuals and family members alone can’t single-handedly manage the problem of #socialisolation and the corresponding risk of maltreatment. We need strong beams like community programs, for health, happiness, and safety as we #age.
  • Our communities are like structures that support people’s safety and wellbeing. One of the most important ways we can all contribute to this ongoing construction project is by looking out for warning signs of maltreatment. It’s on all of us to #PreventElderAbuse!
  • A just society works to make sure everyone is free from the threat of abuse, at every stage of life.  To live up to our ideal of justice for all, we need to work to address the social issue of #ElderAbuse.

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