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Research Review

The first scholarly article focused on elder abuse was published in 1975. So, when compared with other fields of study focused on interpersonal violence, the field of elder abuse research is relatively new. While the elder abuse field is still asking fundamental questions about the nature and scope of elder abuse and there is much to learn, there has been much knowledge obtained since that first article in 1975.

This research review section is dedicated to providing information on the existing elder abuse research knowledge base. This section is divided into four content areas: a research database, topic area focused research briefs, “translation to practice” resources, and information on “future directions” for elder abuse research in general.

For a list of available NCEA publications that may be pertinent to your research interest visit NCEA Publications. In addition, you may desire to search the NCEA information archives for other potentially relevant information by utilizing the search function (e.g. search on ‘research’) in the upper right hand corner of the NCEA website.

To ensure clarity when reviewing research articles, it is important to define commonly used key terms. Here are a few important terms to remember:

  • Incidence: a measurement of the number of new individuals who are affected by a specific condition or circumstance over a particular period of time (e.g. one year).
  • Prevalence: a measurement of all individuals affected by a specific condition or circumstance at a particular time.
  • Peer reviewed: A scholarly article has been peer reviewed when fellow experts in an area of study review the article and its results to assess its suitability for publication.

The Center is interested in what research topics are salient to you in your work and that you would like to learn more about. Contact us to let us know.

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