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Forensic Centers

The first Elder Abuse Forensic Center started in 2003. An elder abuse forensic center differs from the more commonly termed multidisciplinary team (MDT) in several key ways.

Forensic centers developed out of a need to integrate services that have been historically fragmented and difficult to navigate. What is distinct about a forensic center is that it has a greater array of disciplines and is more focused, action-oriented collaboration than the traditional MDT.

The forensic center team is task-oriented and each member of the team is expected and willing to provide a service for the given case, within the constraints of the particular agency. Meeting on a weekly basis, a plan of action is determined by the collective and team members assist in actually carrying out recommendations.

The Forensic Center model reflects a "one-stop-shop" where the consumer is an agency working through an elder abuse case and needing the assistance of other agencies with expertise in elder abuse. The fact that all of the agencies are together in one place allows for increased efficiency. However, this co-location of services also encourages deeper understanding between agencies as well as relationship building between individuals working in these agencies.

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