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Judicial System

Elder abuse cases enter the courts in various forms and disguises. For example, elder abuse might be an overt or underlying issue in criminal assault cases, fraud, civil cases, protective orders, guardianship/conservatorship cases, and institutional abuse or neglect. Courts play a critical role in protecting the rights and the safety of older adults and people with disabilities. Some courts have led the charge in community responses to elder abuse and have piloted models to better serve elders.

Selection of NCEA publications:

Learn how courts are addressing elders as litigants, victims, and offenders

  • American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging has created several reports on elder abuse reporting, durable power of attorney abuse, and legislative summaries for the National Center on Elder Abuse, and has also posted reports related to guardianship, promising practices in the courts, and the role of the judicial system in cases of elder abuse.
  • Center for Elders and the Courts – National Center for State Courts provides information about abuse, neglect and financial exploitation and how they manifest in multiple kinds of court settings, as well as resources and tools to help courts improve their response.
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