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The NCEA recognizes that successful elder abuse prevention, detection and intervention relies, in part, on the education or training of professionals and the public. As a resource center, the NCEA provides awareness flyers, educational fact sheets and a series of training curricula on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation for all who are engaging with or advocating on behalf of older adults.

Educational and Awareness Materials

According to trends in our technical assistance delivery, here are a few of our most popular materials:

Find more of the NCEA’s educational and awareness materials, accessible in multiple languages in our NCEA publications database.

Training Materials

The NCEA has created and compiled a list of materials that help professionals and the public identify and prevent elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. Some of these materials include:

Training Resources on Elder Abuse

Training Resources on Elder Abuse (TREA) is a searchable database of elder abuse related training materials designed for professionals, caregivers, and the community. 

Safe Exit