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What We Do

The goal of the NCEA is to improve the national response to elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation by gathering, housing, disseminating, and stimulating innovative, validated methods of research, practice policy and education.

Our objectives are to: (1) increase the identification and reporting of elder abuse by providing guidance for programs that serve older adults, and by developing and disseminating information for professionals; (2) improve the ability of those in the aging network to detect, intervene, and prevent abuse by providing practical tools and technical assistance, as well as collaborating on pioneering approaches to improve practice; (3) stimulate sustainable and innovative systems-change by fostering the development of programs, models, and initiatives which will ultimately decrease the incidence of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

At the NCEA there are four domains, brought to us by the Elder Justice Roadmap which guide our efforts:


The NCEA synthesizes and disseminates high quality research on elder abuse to encourage the translation of elder abuse research into practice.


The NCEA provides advice and resources to professionals, researchers, advocates and families around the nation by providing individual assistance via our helpline, website and social media.


The NCEA understands, evaluates, and informs policy development to ensure public policy is better aligned with effective practices concerning older adults and elder abuse.


The NCEA compiles training and awareness materials to further the field for those interested in the identification and prevention of elder abuse.

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