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Suspect Abuse?

Response and prevention strategies for elder and elder abuse are numerous and varied. We've summarized and collected information about some of the most well-known interventions and response systems. It’s important to remember that anyone can help at some level.

  • Learn when and how to report abuse
  • Get help for commonly seen “suspicious situations” involving possible abuse of elders and adults with disabilities
  • Learn about the agencies and organizations that respond to reports of abuse
  • Learn what some communities and multidisciplinary teams are doing to prevent abuse from occurring
  • Explore how the many fields and organizations that serve elders and adults with disabilities may play a role in abuse intervention and prevention
  • To learn how to prevent abuse through volunteerism and raising awareness, visit the Make a Difference section.
  • For more insight, visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although the NCEA is not an investigatory agency, we want to ensure that you are connecting to the most appropriate resources and community supports available in your region. To connect with us for more information please refer to our Contact Us page.

Safe Exit