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Reframing Elder Abuse

Reframing Elder Abuse Project

The NCEA, in partnership with the FrameWorks Institute, developed a communications strategy and toolkit that reimagines our cultural dialogue on elder abuse. The Talking Elder Abuse Toolkit provides resources and tips to improve the public’s awareness of elder abuse, enhance understanding of the underpinning issues, and elevate public exchange on the topic.

Reframing Elder Abuse is a project that disseminates the Talking Elder Abuse Toolkit through presentations, webinars, social media, and listservs. The Reframing Elder Abuse Project has received  funding from the Administration on Community Living (ACL), Archstone Foundation, and Grantmakers in Aging.

The Reframing Elder Abuse project was first inspired by our sister project, Reframing Aging. Reframing Aging seeks to change the conversation on aging, answer ageism, and influence public understanding to create a more just, inclusive, and age-friendly society.

See the communication strategy in action in our reframed public service announcement!



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