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Share Your Elder Justice Story

By Meredith Ponder Whitmire, Policy Director, Elder Justice Coalition

November 10, 2022

Real-life stories are effective tools to communicate the impact of elder justice programs. They put a face to the issues of elder abuse, neglect and fraud and humanize what can seem like a very abstract and distant issue to many people, including policymakers who are responsible for laws, regulations and funding to combat elder abuse.

As we know, current public funding for important elder justice programs such as Adult Protective Services, long-term care ombudsmen and social support services for older adults cannot meet the needs of all older adults experiencing elder abuse, neglect and fraud. This makes it harder for these older adults and their families to find help and resources. Ultimately, stories help Members of Congress and other federal, state and local policymakers understand how big the problem of elder abuse is and raise awareness about the need for further resources to support elder justice programs.

If you or someone you love has been affected by elder abuse, neglect, and/or fraud, please consider sharing your story here with the National Center on Elder Abuse and the Elder Justice Coalition. You, your voice and your story matter and are important to stopping the scourge of elder abuse.

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