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Awareness Materials

Raise Awareness

Awareness Materials

NCEA invites you to "Take a Stand in the Fight Against Elder Abuse."

Public Awareness Tools

NCEA has created the following tools to help you, your family, or your organization make a difference in the lives of vulnerable elders. These tools may be especially helpful for planning World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Events and responding to public inquiries.

NCEA Materials
Fact Sheets

For more materials please visit our Publication page 

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

ACL has also provided ideas on how to get involved on their WEAAD microsite, too! Get inspired by the Take Action section, and find more resources for planning activities in Tools & Tips.

It only takes One Action and One Person to make a difference, spread awareness, and become One Nation united against elder abuse!

Media Moxie: Informing the Public About Elder Abuse (Webcast)

Visit the NCEA YouTube page to watch this webcast to learn the best strategies for recruiting the media in order to raise public awareness of elder abuse.

We stand for dignity. We will not stand for elder abuse.

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