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Elder abuse is a growing problem. While we don’t know all of the details about why abuse occurs or how to stop its spread, we do know that help is available for victims. Concerned people, like you, can spot the warning signs of a possible problem, and make a call for help if an elder is in need of assistance.

  1. What is elder abuse?
  2. What are the warning signs of elder abuse?
  3. What is self-neglect and what are the signs?
  4. What makes an older adult vulnerable to abuse?
  5. Who are the abusers of older people?
  6. Are there criminal penalties for the abusers?
  7. How many people are suffering from elder abuse?
  8. Who do I call if I suspect elder abuse?
  9. What can I do if concerned about possible abuse or neglect in a nursing home?
  10. What should I expect if I call someone for help?
  11. What should I look for in a good nursing home or assisted living facility?
  12. How can I protect against frauds and scams?
  13. How can elder abuse be prevented?
  14. Why Should I Care About Elder Abuse?
  15. What are the signs to look for when visiting an elderly relative?
  16. How can financial exploitation be prevented in Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities?